Do you want unlimited earnings while you sleep?
Do you want earnings that will give you freedom to buy anything that you want?
Do you want to have the freedom where you can travel anywhere while you are simply doing your online business?
Are you looking for a sustainable and passive homebased income or a thriving additional income?

If Yes, I want you to be part of this hybrid affiliate software to automate your online business!

Earn money with Dok Ed 2007 Affiliate Software. All you have to do is to simply share links and voila….You can earn hassle free commission from 5%-75% of our affiliate sales from our businesses such as e-commerce, real estate, hotel and resort bookings, radio station affiliates, coaching programs and digital products. A mind-blowing commission with a very easy and simple requirement to start!

Dok Ed

Before I will share to you these affiliate softwares, I’d like to share to you my rags to riches story. I am inventor Dok Ed Delibo, I was once featured by Korina Sanchez at Rated K in October 15, 2015 episode to be an inspiration for people who struggle to earn a living, restores health, and to be a channel of blessings to others. I am not here to brag but to inspire you to participate in this new and exciting program. I’m really excited to share my business earnings as well as my business opportunities from both online and offline. I have the privilege to serve hundreds of thousands of clients nationwide as an inventor of various health care and agri-industrial machineries since 2007. I patented via Intellectual Property Office Philippines (IPO-Phil) hundreds of my tested and proven products, produced countless durable yet affordable machineries. Out of this, me and my company won various invention contests with DOST-TAPI since 2009.

With my earnings out of my products and services, I had the freedom to buy anything that I want! In fact, I established a charity school (Dok Alternatibo Research and Development Foundation, Inc.- PRIME School) for elementary, high school and vocational courses with my advocacy on scholarship programs as my way of giving back to my community as well as for me to fulfill my calling and social responsibility. Built a restaurant, hotel and resort to serve my clients nationwide for high quality food, ambiance, and leisure via DABIGC hotel and resort. We propagated these advocacies over our radio broadcast franchise under RA-8154 Prime Broadcasting Network (PBN) managed by DABIGC Radio. Me and my company invested hugely in a bullish real estate business, like land development, mountain resorts and hotel constructions. We also owned e-commerce websites for our manufactured goods and offered services via DABIG Cart that gave me sustainable income while I’m at sleep. Thanks God, with my passive and thriving businesses, I have the freedom to travel anywhere while simply doing my online business.

As a wise caretaker of all of these God’s blessings, me and my team strongly believed the master’s word that says “the more you give, the more you receive”. Thus, these affiliate software is to make “this belief” a reality.


Just like most of you, I also longed to have an active, as well as passive and sustainable income for me and my family. I also tried out different jobs and sideline just to make my wife and my kids eat 3 times a day. I started as a radio broadcaster, industrial technology teacher and struggling to fit all of my needs with the minimum wage. I struggled just meet the needs of my family. So as a sideline, I started to sell other products like beauty soaps, food supplements and insurance and some MLM or multilevel marketing in order for me to survive.

Back then, life was so cruel to me. Then one day, in addition to my financial struggles, my wife told me she’s not feeling well. My wife, Magdalena was diagnosed with toxic goiter, myoma, rheumatic heart, constipation and insomnia, she needs series of operations and medications with a 50/50 chance of survival, I was hopeless then. With my work as a broadcaster where could I find Php 400,000.00 for the medical expenses? I was in great distress and I turned to God. Little did I know that this was the turning point of my life… (you can read more about these struggles in my e-book as well as hardcopy, Coaching on Holistic Healing which sold more than 20,000 copies

So I tested out herbal medicines to my wife since this was the only thing I could afford. It turned out amazingly powerful thus Dok Alternatibo herbal products company was born in 2007! My wife was healed and now I helped other people using the same formula to overcome their diseases as well…

Since 2007, many people were amazed and healed because of the natural healing formula I discovered. With that profit, I am operating more than a hundred Dok Alternatibo DABIGC branches nationwide and growing. To date, in the middle of this pandemic, my natural healing formula is even more hot selling in the market not only in the Philippines and some parts of the globe due to thriving online business! People are well aware of the body’s needs for nutrition as food as well as natural medicine versus different diseases from various microorganisms.

As an inventor for 14 years, we had a combined gross sale of more or less 4 billion pesos from my group of companies. I realized, if I offered these affiliate programs since 2007 I probably shared more or less 400 million pesos to all of my affiliates but the time is not so late to start now. With my experience and track records above, the future of these affiliate softwares is very clear and attainable. With these affiliate softwares, you can have a sustainable and passive homebased income or a thriving sideline. Me and my companies will do all of our powers to deliver to you what we committed to make it a sustainable success!

DokEd2007 Affiliate Software

What is CLICK-SHARE hybrid affiliate software?

CLICK-SHARE is a hybrid affiliate program for beginners, entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.

Yes, CLICK-SHARE was created so that beginners, entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers like most of you, who aren’t programmers, who don’t have experience in making profitable advertising contents and who don’t have expertise how to make a single code or who failed miserably in the online business. CLICK-SHARE software will make a miracle to your online business. You can easily earn without the hassle of building pages, making marketing materials, and spend advertising costs to grow your income in the online world!

Content 32

Let me show you it works:

→ Simply entice your FFM to buy from your facebook posts that you SHARED (just by simply clicking the SHARE button of facebook) from OUR facebook business page without hassle even with zero technical experience (so that they won’t leave without buying).

→ When your FFM clicked the CALL to ACTION BUTTON like “learn more button” they are hooked into your affiliate link for the software to collect cookies (a type of code) from your FFM for 30-days. Meaning, even if they didn’t decide to buy immediately and within the 30 days cookie duration they will buy any product in oure-commerce website, you will still earn your sales commission from them automatically using our sophisticated software! Data will appear in your dedicated affiliate dashboard.

→ After which, you will earn 5-75% commission via PAYPAL depending on the type of affiliate programs you joined.

AUTOMATED UPDATE OF YOUR SALES… You will receive real time email notification for your earnings immediately after any successful sales from your FFM! At the same time, your sales and commission will automatically appear in your dedicated affiliate dashboard.

AUTOMATED TRACKING OF YOUR VISITORS… In your dashboard, you will be able to see all actions of your visitors from the actual time that they clicked your post to the time that they paid or when they abandoned their cart which will be used for our retargeting campaign to make sure that we sustain a good relationship with your FFM.

AUTOMATED PAYOUT STATUS… In you dashboard, you will be able to trace your payout status, may it be pending or active. Meaning, you do not need to hire an accountant to trace your earnings and collectibles from us.

AUTOMATED TRACKING 24/7… You will surely be notified with your earnings while you sleep or on a vacation. You can see the referrals’ list with specific reference number for easy tracking, description of products and services being purchased, specific amount and exact time of purchase in order for you to be assured that all transaction and referrals are automatically recorded in our software without human intervention. Thus, there is a 100% assurance of all transactions under your affiliate account 24/7, for the whole year round including holidays.

AUTOMATED TRACKING OF YOUR PERFORMANCE… In your dashboard, you will be able to see conveniently the unpaid, pending, rejected and paid referral earnings as well as the statistics of your conversion and commission rate. Meaning, you can easily trace your productivity for the past days, weeks, and months and act accordingly.

→ More importantly, if you upgraded as an affiliate marketer, you can generate your referral URL and affiliate ID in order for you to promote other products and services from our own websites to the other.


Let me introduce to you click-share, where;

• You don’t have to create your own contents
we have prepared marketing materials for you to be used in your social media postings
• You don’t have to be a pushy salesperson
nobody likes to be pushed, lucky for you, our products are already known nationwide, it is very easy to market.
• You don’t need tech skills
we already have a website prepared for you, our system is already built for your easy access.
• You don’t have to watch complex demo tutorials
click-share is a software that you can use easily, you don’t have to invest your time in watching complex videos
• You don’t have to buy high end technologies
because of this simple technology, you can use any smartphone as long as you have mobile data or internet connection.
• You don’t need to have a business experience
most of the people trying affiliate programs don’t have business experience, don’t worry, me and my team will guide you in this program! Attend my webinar as a bonus!
• You don’t need to hold inventory and delivery
forget the pile of work overhead, we will handle the inventory and delivery for you!

Are you ready to unlock this huge opportunity? This is a limited offer only, it is now or never!!!

THIS IS A NO-BRAINER OFFER AND HAS A VERY UNFAIR ADVANTAGE! It has a 30-day money back guarantee!


Why choose DOKED2007 affiliate program?

marketing assets

Free marketing assets

Promotions are made easy with DokEd2007. Promote referral links in just few clicks and share it to your social media accounts. You do not need to create your own videos, slides, hook, baits, or ad materials because we already have a team of layout artists, copywriters, IT specialist, and marketing content developed for your audience. For example on Facebook, all you have to do is to simply click SHARE from our postings. Then, share it to your FFM (friends from facebook profile, followers from facebook page, or members from facebook group) that you are in.

Powerful tracking

Powerful tracking

Our affiliate dashboard offers a powerful and specific tracking to your sales statistics.

• Statistics – this area provides you the information that you need, your paid and unpaid referrals or earnings, visits and conversion rate. You can also see the specific campaign who gained visitors and earnings.

• Affiliate URLs – you can input the link you want to share so that you can acquire and you can have your referral earnings. You can also input specific campaign so that you can track down which campaign works better.

• Graphs – for easier comparison of your referral earnings, our dashboard also provides graphs where you can decide its timeframe.

• Referrals – the list of your referrals are specified in this area.

• Payouts – every payout you made are listed in this area and it is easier for you to track down your profits.

• Visits – you can see the specific campaign who gained a visit, the sales conversion and the exact time and date of the visit.

No business permits

No business permits and other legalities required

DokEd2007 affiliate software doesn’t want you to hassle. We do not require you to send us business permits and other legalities because we already have that as a cooperative (DABIGC Cooperative). The most important thing that you will need is your paypal account so you can receive your commission without hassle.

A dedicated coach

A dedicated coach

DokEd2007 affiliate software provides unique strategies to help you grow, increase your website’s visibility, and drive more sales. You’ll have smooth communications to an affiliate coach who understands your business and your goals. After your successful subscription, we will send a “thank you email” with the links for customer’s supports and help center for your concerns. These links are directly connected to a dedicated coach.

Unlimited commissions

Unlimited commissions

You can get generous commission in every product and services that you can refer to sell. You can get all the commissions (profit share) that you earned. There’s no limit!



Direct access to support and technical team… You can ask anything directly to our support and technical team. You can contact my team 24/7 and ask for anything you need assistance for.


DABIGC radio app… I will give you the DABIGC radio application access so you can hear audios from my health coaching!

BONUS #3! (WORTH: priceless!)

Private group access…. You can join a private group where you can get and share ideas with the other affiliate marketers, members, and affiliate experts! This will let you learn and ask from the same community and thinking!

BONUS #4! (WORTH: 300$)

Strategic call with a coach. You will be assigned to a coach where you will be nurtured and guided on how to use the affiliate dashboard.

BONUS #5! ( WORTH: 1000$)

1 virtual training session with Inventor Dok Ed Delibo. This is a super bonus! You will have the opportunity to be trained by Inventor Dok Ed Delibo, we will host 1 virtual training that contains coaching and demos.

You’ll get all of that for FREE!

How would you like this? You have everything to gain and a total risk-free offer!

Be an affiliate now!

The challenge here is to take action! Everything is already provided for you, all you have to do is to share so that you can earn and reach the impossible!

Do you think you have what it takes? Convert leads into customers now! Share. Invite. Earn.

Dok Ed 2007 affiliate software is different… It is not just another affiliate program where you’ll have to undergo series of requirements and quotas.

It combines the right marketing KNOWLEDGE…
That’s the biggest challenge in getting your first sale commission.
It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem…

IT’S A LACK OF EXECUTION…(or, not executing the right way).

Time Is Of The Essence…If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already taken a gigantic step forward.

The next step? ACTION

Action is the real key! -Anyone can say they want riches. Anyone can set goals for riches. Anyone can dream of riches. But the rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not talk about doing something.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Of course.

I guarantee that you’ll BE AMAZED with CLICK-SHARE !
If you decide this PROVEN SYSTEM isn’t for you, then simply let us know. If you followed all the necessary procedures then gained zero profit, message us right away!
We don’t believe in any long term contracts so you can come and go as you please, we’ll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees. You can also try it for FREE for 30 days!

So, Are You Excited About CLICK-SHARE Yet?

If So, Then NOW Is The Time To Take Action!
Start immediately so that you can have your shortcut to our real money making machine then, start right away!


Here’s a summary of what you will get if you start as a click-share affiliate today!

* Access to the dashing affiliate dashboard

* Unlimited sales commission

* 7 best-selling products available to share

* Free lifetime software updates

* 360-days sticky cookies


* Access to our technical team

* DABIGC radio application

* Private group member exclusively for affiliates

* Strategic call from assigned coach

* SUPER BONUS: Virtual Training with Inventor Dok Ed Delibo

Buy this software and simply allow the software to work for you profitably!

From here it’s just finalizing the details. Click on the button above so we can finally get started!

Thank you spending time reading this material and I look forward to hearing from you soon


Inventor Dok Ed Delibo

P.S. You are just click-share away from real money making software!


Marvin Tadlas

Marvin Tadlas

“Dok Ed 2007 affiliate program is really a blessing to me. I was just a regular employee before, I don’t have extra income and I just work for my regular needs and bills. Then I discovered this affiliate program. It is equipped with a powerful affiliate dashboard that provides important data points and timely payouts. I can have unlimited referral and unlimited sales commission! With DokEd2007 affiliate program, I managed to buy my own car and provide for my parents’ need. I can travel everywhere without worries. I even bought a new motorcycle for my parents and provide a regular allowance for them. Dok Ed 2007 affiliate program is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

Ian Mark Enriquez

Ian Mark Enriquez

“Dok Ed 2007 affiliate program is great because you can earn in each referral and sale! The referral commission is so huge. Before, I cannot afford anything that I want and need, I didn’t even finished my studies since my parents can’t provide for it. I was a drunkard and I was so lost in my life. I found out about this affiliate program, all it needed was a phone and internet. I thrived to survive. Right now, I can travel everywhere I want, form luzon to mindanao. I supported my sisters with their studies and provided my parents with a business. With this program, I can now afford to buy anything I want and need! Dok Ed 2007 affiliate program is really a blessing to me!”

Ruper Sujede

Ruper Sujede

"Nagkaroon talaga ng positibong resulta dahil sa tinuro ni Dok Ed sa Doked2007 na inapply ko din sa aking buhay. Dahil sa Doked2007 marami na akong na invest at nabili na mga ari-arian na na eenjoy ng aking pamilya specially yung naipundar ko na bahay, sasakyan, single motor, at tricycle na siyang ginagamit ng aking mga anak sa kanilang pag-aaral. Nagpapasalamat din ako dahil nitong pandemic isa ako na pinaka blessed na affiliate ng Dok Alternatibo dahil hindi po nahinto ang blessing sa aking buhay lalong lalo na kung pag uusapan ang financial."

Marie Tolentino Endricoso

Marie Tolentino Endricoso

"Napakalaki talaga ng naitulong ng Dok Alternatibo sa akin maging sa aking pamilya. Sa tulong kasi ng natatanggap kong insentives, nasuportahan ko ang aking mga kapatid upang mapagpatuloy nila ang kanilang mga pag aaral, nakapagpundar din naman ako ng sarili naming sinasakang lupa na ngayon ay isa na sa aming ng source of income kasama ng nabili naming kagamitan sa pangingisda at tindahan. Sa kasalukuyan tinutulungan ko naman ang aking mga magulang na maipatayo ang aming dream house sa Palawan."

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Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

How do I promote DokED2007?
You can promote DokED2007 affiliate software on different social media platforms – blogs and websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, emails, and the list goes on.
Who can I promote to?
DOK ED 2007 affiliate software is perfect for anyone who needs an online marketing solution. Entrepreneurs, small business, non-profits or any business niche with an online marketing strategy.
How much can I earn?
There’s no cap on earnings. The more accounts you refer, the more you earn. You will get upto 5-75% commission for your every sale depending on the software you choose.
How do I get paid?
We pay out your commission through paypal. Once your commission was confirmed by the account officer, we will send your commissions directly to your accounts.
How do you track sales?
After signing up, you get a personalized affiliate link that you can start using immediately. You can see your affiliate area with specific graphs and statistics so you can track your sales, commission and referrals clearly.
How do I promote DokED2007?
You can promote DokED2007 affiliate software on different social media platforms – blogs and websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, emails, and the list goes on. As an affiliate, you will have your own referral link. Just place them anywhere online. DokED2007 buyers who click on your links and register will automatically be assigned to your account!
How can I reset my password?
1. Go to our login page
2. Click on “Forgot Username/Password”
3. Enter your registered email address
4. Check your inbox for password recovery
5. If you can’t see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam.
Do I have to install anything?
No! We created CLICK-SHARE Software so you wouldn’t have to have a whole I.T. department to run your website! Just login, start sharing and now you can earn automatically without hassle!
Do I have to pay for updates?
No! We give constant updates to our software, add new features and you get it all for FREE! When we make an update or add new feature in our click-share software, they automatically show up in your account!
How long are your contracts?
There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use CLICK-SHARE software 24/7, and cancel at any time you’d like!